Why is Self-Healthcare­™ important?

“Call the healer,” he said.  By the time the healer got there, it was too late.  We are all blessed with the healer inside us.  All you have to do is learn how to Listen.

Why is Self-Healthcare™ so important? 

               My husband felt like he was coming down with something yesterday morning.  He could feel it and he knew it.  I believe most of us know what this feels like.  Our body sends us a message or messages, “Something doesn’t feel right, there is an ache or a pain, a tightness in my chest, a feeling in my gut,” we say to ourselves or we hear from some knowing Source.  It’s that slight nagging in the back of our minds.  At THAT moment is when you should start using your natural organic resources to help your begin a healing process.  (It should really happen before that and you should be using these resources on a daily basis but we will discuss that in a different post.)  Essential oils, herbs, spices, teas, blends, soaks, tinctures, elixirs, food, juiced veggies, and more can all help your body on a cellular (chemical or energy) healing level.  And if you don’t know how, you should follow me, my blog, my site, and my Facebook page because I am going to show you how – Teach you how.

Organic and natural products work differently in our bodies and our blood stream, kind of.  If you get that feeling and you do not listen right away, your body may not have the resources readily available to help you heal quickly, faster.  When you feel that first twinge of knowing, LISTEN!  Otherwise, you will get behind the eight ball and then you’re going to have to ride it out. 

Even listen with cancer?  Yes, in the cases I've seen and been a part of - there were always signs.  Chemotherapy is a "treatment" of something bigger that may have been able to be stopped if we'd listened to the signs and seen the clues before the bigger problem moved in.  I have known many great souls for whom chemotherapy did not work.  My daughter was one of them.  In the beginning, there were signs.  At the time, I was not awake nor aware enough to recognize them, listen to them, or investigate them myself.  I now know what I remember seeing were definitely the signs of something bigger.  I did not know how to Listen.  

Over Spring Break, we watched a young boy while his mom and dad went on vacation.  I thought having him around for our son to play with would be fun.  We would have to be creative and find fun things to do, plus, the boys are good playmates.  The boy’s mom called me, the Friday we were supposed to pick him up.  It was our sign.  “My son has a sore throat.  I think everything is going to be fine, however, I wanted to see what you thought about him coming there?”  I felt that twinge but said it was fine.  “It should all be OK.  We will play it by ear, see how it goes.  I will take care of him if he needs anything.”  I wanted her to feel safe going on their vacation. 

The boy was sick; he had a virus flu/cold.  We were behind the eight ball and that babe was not feeling well.  He had all the signs of a cold that left him feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.  I gave him the necessary essential oils, herbs, spices, teas, homemade organic chicken broth soup, fresh juices, rest, ice cream, and loving care.  I even resorted to some over-the-counter slime.  It helped his symptoms subside.  It is not my favorite but I knew his mom and dad allowed him these options at home.  I wanted him to feel some sense of peace.  Emotionally, without the security, he was feeling lost, alone, and afraid.  My point being – If I were able to catch a cold a day or two ahead, I believe I would have been able to get him healthy faster.  At any sign of abnormality or feeling slightly "ill", take precautions immediately!  Do not wait.  What you do for yourself on a safe natural or organic level is not going to hurt you.  As soon as I picked him up from his mom, I went to the grocery store.  I made organic chicken noodle soup with as many flu and cold preventing and fighting elements as I could pack into it.  My son and I started taking essential oils internally the moment I knew he was sick.  My husband was not so quick to jump on board taking preventative measures.  The boy is better now, however, it was a turbulent five days.


Now back to my husband, who texted me while I was at yoga last night, “I’d like to place an order for a flu bomb, please.”  (My husband rarely texts me.)  I knew he is not feeling well.  I made him a flu bomb and myself one.  Why one for me?  Preventative maintenance.  I will keep us on these for a few days.  I will be diffusing Immupower™ and Purification from Young Living.  I will apply peppermint and lemon to his feet if a fever pops up and a drop of lavender and frankincense on his forehead or crown to keep him emotionally balanced.  I will do all of this for myself as well.  

My husband said, “I kinda knew something was coming on yesterday morning.”  I wanted to bop him in the head.  That feeling of “I feel something”, that little whisper or thought, LISTEN!  Sit for a few with it if you feel it or hear it.  Slow down and listen.  Rest and breathe for a moment.  Ask your body, “What are you trying to tell me?  What do I need to know?  Why do I have this feeling?”  It is better to practice Self-Healthcare ™ and preventative maintenance rather than a reactionary practice where you are in front of a speeding train that will not and cannot slow down, even if you turn the engine off.  There is too much force behind the (sick) cell growth at that point. 

Get ahead of the game.  Self-Healthcare™ is a method of listening to your body and your intuition.  It is also having great balance in your life whether it is what you eat, drink, exercise, or think.  Practice listening to receive the full benefits.  Meditate for 3 to 5 minutes a day working your way up to an hour if you choose.  There are some wonderful teachers and guides online and in our communities.  Here in Holland, Michigan we offer Yoga, Pilates, Nia, guides, teachers, healers, and more.  Seek them out.  Find the people who can help you learn how to live healthier more fulfilled lives.  At Bodhi Tree Yoga and Wellness (in Holland, Michigan) they offer many classes and services such as:  Restorative Yoga (an easy pose class where breathing, listening, and healing are done), Acupuncture, massage therapy, Raindrop Technique, and more.  I offer Self-Healthcare™ coaching and guidance.  I am educated in essential oils:   how to use them in your daily lives and practices for overall health, wellness, and wellbeing.  I guide my clients, friends, and family in using spices, herbs, teas, and other blends for their personal care.  I am also a great resource on where to find other practitioners and people who can help you on your wellness journey.

Listen to your body, friends and be proactive not reactive when it comes to health and wellness.  It is one of the most important things you can learn and do.