at drop by drop apothecary, we believe in people feeling good.   as a certified aromatherapist, it is important for me (and the rest of the team) to create small-batch, fresh, quality products to use personally, for our families, homes, and pets' needs.  often we ponder:   if you would not eat it, then why put it on your body?  if you are going to eat organic, why not use organic on your largest organ?

we research, test, and study all of the ingredients in the products we produce.  there is a purpose or reason for everything.  we custom blend and design products for ourselves, friends, families, homes, our pets, and for you.  we want you to feel good.  quality is key, building relationships is crucial, supporting local is important, the right balance is necessary, and there's love, intention, and energy in every drop.

slow ... easy ... simple = quality.  this is our philosophy and how we love to live life.

join us in celebrating this adventure and each other.  use safe, healthy, quality products for yourself and those you love.

enjoy often!

love, light, & lavender,